The QA.ONLINE System

Construction and infrastructure projects consist of many planning, execution, control and supervision activities.
Management of the design and the quality in these projects is based on a set of tasks and processes which are intended to ensure that the specification of the products, the method of construction and its results fulfill the customer’s requirements and instructions. A great deal of resources is invested in control and documentation of the planning and quality management processes throughout the project life cycle.
The QA.ONLINE software provides projects with a solution for the information, the planning and quality management needs. It is also used to support and document the processes necessary for proper execution in accordance with the customer’s requirements. The system enables continual, up-to-date connectivity of the information from the construction and a mechanism for approving the quality and integrity of the works prior to their delivery to the customer and forwarding for payment.
The software is web-based and includes advanced features providing a flexible and convenient working environment for proper management of the processes of planning, execution, control and quality assurance and documentation of the information required for producing commissioning reports and project handover files.
Using the QA.ONLINE system, the data is documented on an ongoing basis along with the project progression. This information is immediately available, enabling the production of up-to-date reports at any given point in time.
Using the software shortens the lead time between the execution and the reporting, facilitating efficient enforcement of the quality processes defined by the customer, making payments conditional upon completion of the quality requirements, early risk identification and reduction of the resources required for ongoing documentation and reporting. The system includes hand-over reporting features for the production of construction summary files and handover reports for milestones and upon project completion.

Assimilation of Procedures, Requirements and Processes:
The QA.ONLINE software supports general settings for process management at the organization level. These settings may be valid to a specific project or they may be used for several projects. This way it is possible to efficiently and homogeneously manage the quality processes in the organization. At the same time, the system permits adjustments, should these be necessary, for a specific project or for the entire organization.
Using the system, the processes of submitting and approval of documents are managed on an ongoing basis. Additionally, it enables task tracking, creation of comments and alerts of deviations from specifications thresholds and overruns on timetables for execution of tasks and activities.
Management of Execution Scope in a Project:
The system supports individual settings of the project scope and the work packages. Based on the design documents, the structure trees of the various elements, their parts, the hierarchy and the actions required for their completion are defined.

Project Quality Management:
The software contains numerous tools for management of the quality control stages, management of the ordering processes for laboratories and surveyors, management of the checklists and the non-conformance system. The system enables uninterrupted work through online updates of all of the stakeholders immediately upon progress being made in the execution and receipt of the quality certificates.

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