The QA.MOBILE System

The QA.ONLINE software includes a mobile interface and a special app for use on tablets and smartphones. Using the application, it is possible to work on checklists and work logs directly from the construction site and to order laboratory tests and surveying with immediate links to the forms and documents in the main system.

Using the application enables efficient utilization of the work hours and reduction of the office time and paperwork required for quality management and documentation of the project documents. The system users can perform functions at any time, anywhere and assign tasks and alerts to the various roles in the project.

Main Features:
Setup of work procedures and forms according to the requirements.
An easy-to-operate system, with emphasis on convenience and first-class user experience.
One-click performance of functions and approval of tasks
Status display for quick orientation among the tasks.
Immediate update of the central database: each action performed is updated online, and the subsequent functions are opened for execution.
Adaptation to the requirements of the work in the field, automation of common processes, the functions are performed through simple function buttons.
Sending alerts of new tasks and overruns of timetables for the execution of existing tasks.

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