The QA.ONTIME System

The QA.ONTIME system is a working attendance management application and reporting of vehicle use by the organizations’ personnel. The system has been designed especially for organizations that are engaged in multiple concurrent projects. It enables control of the manpower inputs invested in each project. Using the reports produced by the QA.ONTIME system, employee work hour reports are produced, work hours per project are summarized and invoices and paychecks are produced accordingly. The system includes a feature for GIS-based reporting and alerts to the employee upon entry into and exit from the project premises and attendance reporting reminders. The system contains an interface for reporting vehicle use, managing absences and various notifications and signing of declarations as required by the employer.

Employees and Projects
The system allows the setup of employees records according to the organization’s needs and ongoing definition of projects (including geographical delimitation of the project boundaries using a map). Several projects can be associated to each employee and the system supports project-specific reporting. The application interface supports simple, convenient switching between projects, thereby establishing reliable work hour reporting for submission of monthly customer invoices.

An employee can report his or a family member’s sickness through the application, as well as reporting other absence types such as vacation, public service, etc. The system facilitates transparency and managers and employees can view and track all of the absence reports according to their authorizations.

Vehicle Use Reporting
The system includes an interface for defining a vehicle fleet and for associating vehicles to employees. Through the application, the employees can report travel done as part of their workday. The collected data is used to produce monthly reports and for adding the overhead inputs into the operating cost calculations of each of the Company’s projects.

Synchronization With The Server And Report Production
All of the data are synchronized regularly with a central server. This allows the Company management to obtain an up-to-date picture of the work hours and vehicle usage at any given moment. The data is used for producing the reports necessary for monthly employee wage calculations and for submitting the vehicle expenses to the tax authorities.

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