Project and Quality Management Systems

We at QAONLINE believe that each project is unique and that each customer has requirements specific to the processes and work methods they apply. QAONLINE provides custom-built solutions for each customer in every project, delivering the optimum solution for their needs, deriving maximum benefits for the company’s customers, software users and client projects.

All the solutions from QAOnline

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The QA.MOBILE System

software includes a mobile interface and a special app for use on tablets and smartphones. Using the application
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Data Center Services

specializes in setting up data centers and supporting managers and construction
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The QA.ONLINE System

Construction and infrastructure projects consist of many planning, execution, control and supervision activities.
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The QA.ONTIME System

is a working attendance management application and reporting of vehicle
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Project Management System (under development)

developing a comprehensive project management system covering the entire project’s lifecycle from the initiation stage through to the maintenance stage
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Customer Testimonials

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