About Us

QAONLINE 2014 Ltd. is a software house specializing in the development, implementation and assimilation of computerized information management and engineering control systems in construction, paving and infrastructure projects.

The Company believes in the uniqueness of each project and each customer and in the need to provide computerized systems and processes tailored precisely to the customer’s requirements and needs. The software and applications we develop apply this approach and contain flexible definition interfaces in such a way as to enable the implementation of processes that have been tailored as closely as possible to the Customer’s requirements and the needs of the various projects.

The main software the Company provides, the QAONLINE system, started as a program for internal use in a civil engineering and geology company, where it was used as a supportive tool for quality control engineers and project managers. As the development proceeded, and with the intention to transform the software into a marketable product that could be managed as a business unit, the QAONLINE 2014 Ltd. Company was established and was tasked with the development of the software products and their operation.
The engineering and professional background on which the software is based, along with the development philosophy and the flexible adaptability of forms and processes are the features that makes the Company’s products unique. The Company is a market leader in innovation and delivery of computerized solutions for engineering requirements.

Since the Company was established, its customer base has been growing steadily. It includes government corporations, leading construction companies, quality assurance and quality control consulting companies, supervision companies and companies specializing in project management. The software solutions that QAONLINE LTD. delivers are used for managing the engineering information and for quality control in many projects of all types in the construction, infrastructure and paving sectors all over the country.

The Company maintains a continual development process consisting of improvements to the existing modules along with the development of new modules and applications in the fields of project management and civil engineering. Development is done in accordance with the needs the Company identifies – these are based on the company’s experience, the requirements arising from the projects which use the software and the current trends in the field of information management technologies and project management. The developments have included modules for inputting requirements and definitions of engineering specifications, an application for documentation and reporting the construction and control tasks at the worksites, a module for managing submissions and approvals and development of interfaces to external systems to facilitate data sharing, assimilation of BI reports, an information management interface over GIS maps and preparations for interfacing and data management via a BIM model.

The Company was the first in Israel to implement civil engineering project control processes through the application. It is also the first to implement workflows that include compliance management of the control and construction processes through monitoring of the results of engineering audits and implementation of logical conditionalities between the various activities comprising the project.

The Company has extensive experience in data management and data analysis in projects. It helps its customers specify and build efficient procedures in complex projects and it also helps develop methodologies for managing the information and the engineering control processes. The Company provides specification services for processes, management, information processing and data analysis for research projects, surveying and collection of information related to civil engineering, construction, safety, and infrastructure and structure inventory management. The Company specializes in preparing work plans, organization and analysis of the information and production of outputs and reports in data-intensive projects.

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